10 August 2021
How to create an engaging student marketing strategy that actually works in the new normal

What makes student marketing and recruitment much more challenging than it used to be? Choices. Students today have a lot more to choose from and consider when deciding where to study.

And with Gen Z’s enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, many are opting against higher education and taking on entirely different routes to success. The students that do decide to go on to higher education not only want but expect to get value from their institution of choice.

Our mission at Unibuddy is to keep students at the core of what we do. Therefore, it’s in our best interest to offer you, our community of higher ed marketers, a leading tech product to enable you to do this. Not only that, but we aim to offer you value-driven strategies that support you in providing a great recruitment experience for your prospective students. 

From event training sessions to regular data-driven insights, we bring you valuable resources to support your student marketing strategy and in turn support our mission. Here are just a few of the initiatives we have to support you in your role and ensure you can offer your students the best recruitment experience possible. 

Live Event Training Sessions:

Our Buddy Bootcamp: Level Up Your Live Event” training is split into two 30-min halves. The first is all about “Getting Started” with your live events. Our Customer Success Executive Colin takes university admins through how to set up a live event using your Unibuddy admin dashboard, and how to utilize all of the different tools available to you.

The second part is focused on making the most of your live events and covers “Best Practices.” Our Customer Marketing Executive Georgia discusses ideas on which topics you could host your live event on, and offers recommendations to ensure your prospects are receiving a truly personalized experience.

Ambassador Training Sessions

Every week in the US and every fortnight in the UK, we host our Student Ambassador Training. Open to all new student ambassadors from any institution, this hour-long session takes the ambassadors through all they need to know to get started—from how to set up their account to how to write a blog and come up with vlog ideas. 

Regular insights, webinars, free guides, newsletters, and blogs

We provide you with the student data, insights, and knowledge to improve your marketing strategy and recruit your best-fit students. Our webinars discuss the questions that you want to know the answers to. Our guides and blogs use our data to inform you on what prospective students are asking and wanting from their chosen higher ed institutions.

Our brand new newsletter The Chat” is created to inform and update you on the latest marketing and recruitment strategies in higher education. If you’re after valuable content to support your role, this is the newsletter for you. 

Don’t just take our word for it; more than 450 higher ed institutions worldwide use Unibuddy to support their marketing. With 120+ colleges in the US alone, make sure you’re not the last to adopt our products.

Here’s what a few of the institutions who’ve benefited from using Unibuddy had to say:

St. John’s University

“We needed a product that would allow us to offer live-streamed presentations rather than recorded videos—a ‘home base’ where it could all live together to make things easy for our student attendees, and a collegiate look, with campus imagery that was stimulating, yet reserved.

And the data… we always need the data,” Corinne Gentile, Director of Enrollment Management Events

University of Southern California – Dornsife

“Unibuddy is a simplistic answer to a problem that we had. Our prospective students wanted to get in touch with ambassadors. This used to require a form and many steps, and Unibuddy puts the onus on the student rather than staff… Students just have a way of relating to each other that’s very honest and clear.” – Jessica Castaldi, Assistant Director of Admission and Student Success

We know that demands for an engaging recruitment process are always growing, so we’ve made it our job to make yours easier. Download our latest report Navigating the ‘new normal’ and let our data drive your strategy. 

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