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Why Unibuddy

Let’s make better decisions through shared human experience

Whoever you are, join us in building a global community of students.

What makes Unibuddy unique

The Unibuddy platform comes packed with features which are unique to Unibuddy. Each of these has been built to make the peer-to-peer chat easy to find and easy to use for prospects, convenient and safe for your ambassadors, straightforward to manage for the university, and effective in engaging your prospects throughout each stage or their journey to becoming a student.
  • Seamless, responsive Peer-to-Peer chat widget
  • Advanced traffic drivers to implement across your website (popcard, buddycard, carousel)
  • Customisable prospect sign-up forms and customisable ambassador profiles
  • Match-me algorithm to connect prospects with the most appropriate ambassadors
  • Shareable user-generated blogs, vlogs and social content
  • AI-powered question suggestions to boost prospect engagement
  • Ambassador and Prospect mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • SMS and WhatsApp notifications integration
  • Advanced moderation, blocking, auto flagging and safeguarding tools
  • Chat management and intervention tools
  • Ambassador management tools
  • Advanced student engagement reporting
  • AI-powered Business Intelligence reports from conversational insights
  • Flexible API for CRM and Google Analytics integration
  • Support desk for staff and ambassadors
  • Fully GDPR compliant out of the box
  • Live group and 1-2-1 chat with ambassadors, staff and administrators
  • Customisable topic groups
  • Student-to-Staff chat with unlimited staff profiles
  • Forward conversation tool
  • Integration with - access to 75 million users around the world

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