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Keeping students engaged with Unibuddy Live

Benedictine College was well-versed in the power of digital communications to reach their students.

Seeing the success of Facebook Live events, and knowing how much Gen Z value quick responses, the college was seeking an alternative way to deliver live Q&A sessions at scale.

As Anne Faucett, Director of International Admission and Services puts it:

“We wanted to make sure prospective students were informed and given the chance to ask questions they might have been scared to ask a counselor.”

The solution

Benedictine College set up a Unibuddy Live chat with a selection of ambassadors. It was “so easy” to set up, according to Anne. They utilised different channels to split the conversation into different topics, where prospects were free to live chat with ambassadors and get their questions answered.

The results

The Unibuddy Live chat was a success. Not only did it keep prospects engaged and informed, it also provided the college with insights into what their prospects care about.

As Anne Faucett put it: “We thought the live event went very well. We were able to understand what information students really wanted to know and were surprised at how direct the questions were to the ambassadors.”

It was also great for ambassadors – who love using Unibuddy.

Anne said: “They really like having Unibuddy. Current students are always looking for ways to help their alma mater, but at the same time want to feel like they are making a difference and not wasting their time. Unibuddy provides that.”


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