28 October 2020

Taking events online at Antwerp Management School

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Eva Peeters, Student Recruitment Manager at Antwerp Management School, described how the Belgium school has adapted to a digital approach. She said:

“Email and direct messaging have always been our most-used channels. However, the biggest change for us has been taking our events online.”

Antwerp Management School moved all of their recruitment events online. And, naturally, it raises the question of whether online events can really be as good as in-person events.

But Eva found that those events have a lot of upsides:

“We have a higher show-up rate because it’s less effort, we were able to extend our reach – we have students from countries we’ve never travelled to before.”

And, most importantly, students are responding positively.

“We should not forget they are digital natives, they grew up with these channels and for them it is not unusual to have a chat with a professor.”

Antwerp School of Management had an offline Master’s event scheduled for April – forced to move the event online, they used different platforms to produce a holistic event.

“We usually have a fair with different booths,” explained Eva, “so we used Unibuddy Live to create different channels that acted like virtual booths. We also used our own online learning system to host online classes, so they are already getting used to that system we use.”

And, of course, Antwerp Management School recognised the importance of featuring their current students prominently in these events – just as they would at any other.

“Prospective students are facing a lot of uncertainty – they’re worried. It’s good that they can hear from current students that are going through that scenario right now, and how the solutions are working. It might not be their dream answer, but at least they have an honest and reliable source of information.”



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