06 November 2019

Business Academy Aarhus

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Andy Grantham

International Project Manager

“Unibuddy provides a more credible, authentic kind of message – from someone that students can relate to.”

Creating an authentic and credible message

Business Academy Aarhus had struggled to build a digital presence in its formative years. But three years ago, recognising the importance of being online, the Academy began implementing a digital strategy. Andy Grantham, International Project Manager, sums it up:

“This generation is all online and want instant information. And they want to speak to people, not to robots or our website. They’re not necessarily able to meet up at a fair or come to the campus – especially if they’re international students.”

The solution

A particular highlight of the platform was the blog function. As Andy explains:

“Now, there is content actually written by students. And it’s not the classic ‘come to us, we’re the best’ kind of thing – it’s more like this is what you can experience. So it’s a much more subtle way of doing it.”

The results

Unibuddy didn’t just help with getting applications and conversion – it also helped students after they’d accepted their offer. About a fifth of conversations were from students who had already applied. They wanted practical advice and reassurance – and they want it from someone who was in their shoes.