26 March 2020

The impact of peer-to-peer for Curtin Singapore

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“It’s a great nurture tool that gives students a real sense of belonging before arriving at campus”

Curtin Singapore launched Unibuddy in January 2019.

Carmen Wong, Associate Director of Marketing & Admissions, says:

“International recruitment is a big part of our recruitment strategy. South-East Asia is our key recruitment region and Unibuddy has enhanced our student engagement with that demographic.”

Recruiting ambassadors and embedding the platform couldn’t be easier.

“We identified students across courses and across nationalities to get representation. We reached out to other colleagues who had frequent contact with students, such as student central, who could recommend students to be ambassadors.”

Their 13 student ambassadors have had 700+ conversations with 500 prospects, from 62 different countries.

Authentic content

One of the advantages of the Unibuddy platform is its built-in blogs and vlogs feature, that allows student ambassadors to upload content from their app. Carmen explains:

“The blogs are a great way to promote Unibuddy and share relevant content on our social channels. We have limited resource to create lots of content ourselves, but it’s something we’ve wanted and know the power of. Having that student-created content helps in that sense.“

The results

Curtin Singapore has also taken advantage of Conversation Insights to understand the topics that students are asking about.

Plus, prospects that chat are going on to enrol. One student from India connected with a Unibuddy and went on to join the university and apply to be an ambassador!

47% of prospects

using Unibuddy went on to apply


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