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Young people trust User Generated Content

Fairleigh Dickinson launched with Unibuddy in November 2019 In that time, over 600 students from 75+ countries have had more than 1500 conversations with student ambassadors.

For Ambassadors:

Kayla, a Student Ambassador at FDU, found that being a student ambassador gave her an opportunity like no other:

“It is amazing to be able to connect to prospective students from all over the world. I have corresponded with students from the USA, Ghana, India and more! It is so exciting to see someone interested in the same career path as me. It makes my day to think that my amazing experiences at FDU can help someone decide what school and program is best for them.”

For Prospective Students:

For their prospective students, Unibuddy made all of the difference; making them feel reassured and confident in their higher education choices. For this particular prospective student, the thought of transferring colleges seemed daunting and overwhelming, but the process was much more straightforward than they had thought, through the support they recieved on Unibuddy:

“It’s made my decision feel worthwhile and validated. I don’t know how many times I was anxious or cried over the process to transfer here but you helped me through it all with patience. I am eternally grateful for all you have done to assist me and provide me with your words of wisdom, and can’t wait to meet you on campus next year!”

For the university:

The University, themselves, can see the impact and value of such a platform. Gayathri Attiken, Director of International Admissions, said:

“Unibuddy has been instrumental in giving 35 FDU student ambassadors an amazing platform through which they can authentically and securely communicate with prospects, and an important factor to track and enhance our late-cycle engagement.”


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