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of the prospective students who had a chat with their ambassadors on Unibuddy have enrolled at HOGENT

The challenge

Prior to discovering Unibuddy, HOGENT (the largest University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Flanders) was on the hunt for a tool that allowed them to track interactions between their current students and prospective students and facilitated this interaction throughout the year, not just on the odd Open Day.

“Before using Unibuddy we had no idea how and if prospective students were getting in touch with our students.” 

“That happened only a few moments during the year: During our Open Days, we invited some students (not as many as are now active on Unibuddy) to talk with prospective students.”

Jeroen Goossens, Community Manager: “The technology is fantastic. It enables the contact between prospective students and our current students perfectly, without us really interfering.”

The solution

Then along came Unibuddy…

“In our search for digital alternatives, Unibuddy became a good option very fast.”

“We wanted a tool that could get our prospective students in touch with our current students and staff to help them with making the right choice.  We saw the opportunity to make this tool an important part in the customer journey of our prospective students.”

They found Unibuddy was quick and easy to set up and implement, launching with a large pool of diverse ambassadors.

“We implemented the Unibuddy solution in just three weeks! On the day we went live, we had over 300 ambassadors on the HOGENT Unibuddy platform.”

The results


Since launching, Unibuddy has become an integral part of the HOGENT pre-enrolment journey.

“Unibuddy is now an important part of the tools we offer to prospective students. They can chat with our ambassadors when they want throughout the year; every basic course that you can follow at HOGENT has an ambassador live in the platform.”

At this moment, 130 student ambassadors are on the platform to chat with and inspire our prospective students. Each of those ambassadors is passionate about helping the prospects and tell them about their experiences at HOGENT. They feel part of a ‘special’ group and want to stay in that circle.”

Becoming a HOGENT ambassador, on the Unibuddy platform, has become something current students are eager to get involved with, and the university has been inundated with applications.

We receive daily applications to become a HOGENT ambassador.  Current students who want to become an ambassador fill in a form now to check what their intentions are and why they want to be an ambassador. In that way we can secure high quality ambassadors who are in it for the right reasons.”


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