09 May 2019

Imperial College Business School

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Anum Akhtar

Student Recruitment Manager

Authentic voices to engage applicants

I am very happy with how Unibuddy has enabled us to better understand our applicants, to increase engagement and helped us achieve our recruitment objectives in a challenging market.

Global Business schools face an increasingly competitive market and a significant challenge to attract and recruit best fit students from all over the world, with growing levels of expectation and ambition.

Generation Z, bombarded from a young age by sophisticated advertising, are highly sceptical of marketing materials. The social media generation, they instead seek out authentic, impartial voices to inform their decision making.

Anum Akhtar, Student Recruitment Manager, said:

“We have been able to understand what applicants are most interested in knowing at each stage of the cycle, segmented by country of origin and can develop proactive communication strategies giving applicants the information when they need it.”

The solution

Unibuddy was deployed through the institution’s own website using the Unibuddy platform, with 80 highly motivated current students, from 35 different countries, happy to talk in a relatable way to prospective students wanting to follow the same journey they themselves took.

The results

Increased Engagement – 6,835 messages between 350 new prospects in just two months.

Increased understanding of our applicants – the themes from the conversations are extracted using powerful machine learning, enabling the school to develop better, more relevant communications.

Improved conversion – 47% of new prospects went on to apply after using Unibuddy

47% of prospects

using Unibuddy went on to apply


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