Minerva University extends virtual engagement to student recruitment

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The challenge

Minerva Schools at KGI are forerunners of the virtual educational realm and curricular innovators. They take a hybrid approach to learning through online and in-person instruction methods, so taking a digital approach to student recruitment was a no-brainer.

Their engagement was extremely high, and they needed a more efficient way to serve that volume of inquiring students at the most critical stage of the student journey.

The solution

Global Director of Marketing and Alumni Relations Lillian Kivel explained that the real-time access to student ambassadors allowed prospects from across the world to self-serve when they had questions.

Minerva considered other text-based solutions, but none gave them access to their international prospects, who comprise 80% of their applicants.

They started off using Unibuddy for undergraduate recruitment, then began using it for their Master’s program too because they found that additional personal connections complemented the polished marketing materials.

The results

Minerva had a good safety net in place with Intercom, then they found major success using it to funnel prospects to the Unibuddy widget.

They saw the value in ensuring that prospective students get the information they need from an authentic human source, and so did the students. Within 6 months of the platform’s launch, they had 450+ prospect sign-ups.

“Unibuddy was and continues to be a good tool for us because we take seriously the idea of student-fit within our institution, and making sure students feel really confident in the decision they’re making.”

Now there’s another clear place to direct leads and applicants when they want to learn more about Minerva.

Since many admitted students mention that they’ve chatted on Unibuddy, they’re excited to see the effect that it has on preventing melt over the summer.

Read about how Minerva leveraged technology to educate smarter in the digital age.


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