Authenticity is key at Saint Peter's University, New Jersey

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The impact of peer to peer

Attracting a diverse cohort of students, whether instate, international or first generation, has always been the challenge for Saint Peter’s University.

When it comes to recruitment, authenticity is key throughout all of their channels.

As Laura Patnaude, Enrollment Marketing Specialist, said:

“We wanted to connect with prospective students where they were – online. We decided to implement Unibuddy as it allows us to connect with students any time and through a means they prefer to use.”

The school launched Unibuddy in September 2019 with 15 student ambassadors representing 10 majors.

They later utilized Unibuddy’s new Chat to Staff feature to add 28 academic and admissions staff.

900+ conversations in a matter of months

In just a matter of months, they have been 900+ chats, with prospective students from 30 different countries.

Laura said: “Our campus partners see the value and love the platform. Counselors have been able to engage and connect with students on a more personal level.”: One of the advantages of the Unibuddy platform is its built-in blogs and vlogs feature, that allows student ambassadors to upload content from their app.

Enrollment Marketing Specialist, Evelina Francisco explains:

“Our ambassadors enjoy sharing their experiences with their peers. When Unibuddy was introduced we used the blog feature as a selling tool to recruit ambassadors.”


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