State University of New York (SUNY) Plattsburgh use Unibuddy on Study in the USA to nurture leads and engage students

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Michelle R. St. Onge, International Recruitment & Admission Specialist

The challenge

State University of New York (SUNY) Plattsburgh was looking to engage prospective students by utilizing their current students with the aim to recruit.

They wanted a tool that would bring them ROI when it comes to their international student prospects.

This tool would be one that would work for lead nurturing at the post-application stage of the funnel.

The solution

The university was both a Unibuddy and Study in the USA (SUSA) partner, so they decided to extend their reach by implementing the Unibuddy widget on the Study in the USA website.

They chose to integrate their Unibuddy ambassadors with SUSA to target the international prospects whom they had already reached through SUSA. The aim was to engage these students at that particular stage of their decision-making process.

They had expectations for both their Unibuddy and SUSA platforms, so merging the two created an opportunity for them to interact with more international students via human connection.

The results

“I can tell very easily on the Unibuddy platform which students have come from SUSA, and I immediately noticed that a lot more were coming through. I’d say that maybe half of them or more had a tag that indicated that they had come initially from SUSA,” said Michelle R. St. Onge, International Recruitment & Admission Specialist.

38.7% of their prospect sign-ups have come from the Unibuddy widget on Study in the USA.

“The integration made Unibuddy a bigger part of our toolbox…. It’s really great for us to be able to speak to our audiences today and say ‘Don’t just take it from me, take it from a student.’”

SUNY Plattsburgh also used Facebook ads as traffic drivers to the Unibuddy page of their website. 

“There was a lot of traffic generated from that, and we definitely noticed a bump in the month that we were running that ad from people who saw us on Facebook, clicked in, went to the Unibuddy page, then picked a student to chat with, signed up for Unibuddy and continued on from there,” St. Onge said.

In this space where the school can’t get in-person interaction with prospective students, she felt that the more people they could put at their fingertips for resources, the better they would feel about making a decision to apply, deposit, or ultimately enroll at the university.


of prospect sign-ups have come from the Unibuddy widget on Study in the USA


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