26 March 2020

University of Glasgow

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University of Glasgow: Unibuddy on ucas.com webinar

Learn how the University of Glasgow are reaching prospective students right at the start of their journey.

Anne Wilber

Recruitment Marketing Manager

Unibuddy on UCAS is a landmark partnership between the UK’s trusted admissions service and Unibuddy’s innovative peer-to-peer technology.

UK universities are taking advantage of the opportunity to reach students at every stage of the funnel, who may never have considered their institution.

It’s having a big impact on conversion and interest, getting new students who might not have considered your university before and engaging them through the power of peer-to-peer.

The University of Glasgow adopted Unibuddy on UCAS and placed a range of ambassadors on the platform. In just a matter of months, Over 430 prospects have had 554 conversations on the platform from across the world.

Anne Wilber, Recruitment Marketing Manager at the university, said:

By making our students available to message through UCAS.com we’re reaching a much wider audience many of whom may not have considered us before

The university is generating more leads from the UK and beyond. Plus, they are highly engaged and more likely to convert for some of the university’s key actions. 

Students who may not have considered studying in Scotland are chatting to Glasgow students on UCAS:

“We’re seeing strong engagement from English and International students asking about coming to Scotland, it’s fantastic!”

Prospective students are all getting the trusted word from our ambassadors. We can see from their comments that it’s helping them finalise their decisions, and it’s giving them confidence that it is the right decision.

The follow-up email sent from UCAS to students that engaged on Unibuddy on UCAS had a significant open rate and clickthrough rate. 

Those emails had a 19% higher open rate than Glasgow’s average email. Many of those students went on to complete key conversions. 

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