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The University of Guelph first decided to partner with Unibuddy to connect with international students in a new way, and to be able to provide prospective students with the opportunity to connect with current ambassadors and staff on a more personal and interactive level.

Ananya, a Unibuddy ambassador, said:

I am amazed how students can connect from all over the world to current students and staff at U of G and get their questions answered within 24 hours on almost anything from student experience, cooperative education, over 1000 experiential learning opportunities, study abroad, more than 200 student clubs and so much more!

When I share my stories and experiences with students from all over the world, they feel inspired and the things they felt were impossible now seem possible to them.

My favorite thing about being on Unibuddy as an Ambassador is – As soon as student’s ask me any question, I am able to relate and connect with them right away as I was them few years back and now I can better understand them and share my experiences with them!

Astrid Morphet, Assistant Manager of International Admissions, University of Guelph “The platform is extremely user friendly and allows us to connect with international students from all around the world on a more personal level.”

The University of Guelph had the aim of improving their conversion, by allowing their prospects to obtain transparent and honest answers from real student experiences.

Both international and domestic recruitment offices at Guelph found the platform a great addition in their conversion strategies, and have made use of Unibuddy’s conversational insights and analytics to provide more personalised content to certain regions and prospects.

Guelph currently promote their Unibuddy ambassadors with embedded pop cards on high traffic web pages, on their social media platforms and in academic open houses, and have been thrilled by the fantastic group of invested and proud students they currently have working as buddies.


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