Unibuddy x CBIE

The Unibuddy and CBIE Partnership

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to teach us, connecting digitally with prospective students is a crucial element in student recruitment. The Unibuddy and CBIE partnership will help institutions reach students across the entire enrollment journey. Through this partnership, CBIE members are entitled to a 25% discount on the Unibuddy platform from now until September!

The virtual world has accelerated the need for personalized engagement with students. Unibuddy leverages technology to help your institution make those connections and enroll more students. 

About CBIE

CBIE is a national, non-profit association dedicated to supporting Canadian education institutions in achieving their internationalization goals through advocacy, capacity building and partnerships. CBIE offers has over 1500 members and offers community connections, conferences, resources, and access to a global partnership network. 

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