Chat to staff

Scale staff interactions, deepen prospect connections with your institution and put a friendly face to your official voice.

Chat to staff

Showcase your staff.

Empower prospective students to connect with a full range of colleagues, from enquiry staff, to academics, right through to sports coaching staff and admissions. All in one place


Tailor your pages with a popcard.

Tailor your pages with a popcard.
Increase engagement on all your course pages, by providing access to comprehensive information.

Perfect for when you don’t have a current student to represent a subject and want to offer a call to action.

Embed your staff into Unibuddy Live

You can now embed Chat to staff into Unibuddy Live! Simply set up your chosen colleagues as you would your ambassadors.

Ideal when you’re hosting a live event before a deadline, such as how to apply to accommodation. Or why not include academics for Clearing?

Alternatively, deepen connections and reassure prospects to prevent summer MELT with welfare and student support staff.

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