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Main Stage

4am - Harnessing the power of shared experiences to keep students engaged throughout the international recruitment cycle

How can you utilise your current students to better engage with your international prospects? At the University of South Australia they’re doing just that – and will join us to share the impact this approach is having across the recruitment cycle.

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5am - Supporting your indigenous student prospects

The University of Western Australia and AIME will join Emma Froud to discuss how you can ensure that your institution is engaging with indigenous prospects throughout your outreach, recruitment and enrollment.

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6am - Pent up demand? Why students won’t stay grounded for long

As a result of the global pandemic, some have forecasted that international student numbers are likely to remain suppressed for many years to come. But are students willing to put aside their international ambitions, and study domestically or online instead? Indeed, could we see a surge of students looking to study abroad in 2021, as two cohorts of international students look to apply in the same year?

In this keynote session, the head of THE’s Student division, Patrick Hayes, and Managing Director of THE Consulting, Liz Shepherd, examine the evidence; and reveal exclusive findings from THE’s panel of prospective international students.

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7am - Boosting your recruitment with peer to peer

Regine Toh from Curtin Malaysia will join us for a panel session, along with Nuntasinee Muadmanee who ran the marketing department at the University of Malaya, and colleagues from Unibuddy. We’ll discuss how you can easily implement peer to peer across your institution’s website, and the impact that it can have on supporting, recruiting and retaining prospective students.

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8am - MENA: the ongoing transformation of the fastest growing market in HE and why and how global institutions can leverage the opportunity

Over 3 million young people enroll in HE each year from 17 countries in the MENA region; and that number continues to grow. Technology has brought a new level of understanding of the possibilities the world can offer, and MENA students are ambitious in their desires for personal and economic growth. With governments in the region focussed on diversification away from oil and gas, the opportunity for global universities to recruit students, partner with regional institutions and share in the growing opportunity, is one that cannot be ignored.

Amanda will discuss the stats behind the region, how engaging with the student and schools community differs from the west and provide a roadmap that delivers the maximum return on investment.

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9am - The credible source: Adding current students’ voice to our recruitment strategy at NW Qatar

Northwestern Qatar join us to share how they embedded the authentic student voice as an integral part of their recruitment efforts. They’ll share the impact that it’s having and how it fits in with their wider strategy.

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10am - What have 6 million messages taught us?

Jack and Ilaria from the Unibuddy team dive into the 6 million+ messages sent on our Unibuddy platform, focusing in particular on the trends in messages sent across the MENA and Europe regions.

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11am - Recruiting international students in 2021 - what will it look like?

The future of international recruitment still remains an unknown. We’ll be joined by colleagues from our partner universities to discuss what they’ve learnt from moving their activity online, and how their plans are shaping up for 2021.

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12pm - Using peer to peer across multiple faculties

Colleagues from the University of Manchester will join Laura to discuss how they amplify the student voice across different faculties, with different approaches.

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1pm - Applied Science Universities: Supporting your domestic prospects whilst growing your international brand

Applied Science Universities play a vital role in providing students with the skills and knowledge needed in a modern economy. A challenge for these institutions is how they can continue to support and retain their domestic prospects, whilst developing their global reputation and growing their international student population. We’ll be joined by KdG University of Applied Sciences and Arts to discuss just that.

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2pm - The changing international sector

Vivienne Stern, Director of UUK International, joins us to discuss how the international recruitment sector has changed, and what the future holds.

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3pm - Peer to peer connections and international student decision making

Overseeing the analysis and design of research projects conducted by QS, Alex will join us to share actionable insights from the International Student Survey: the largest survey of pre-enrolled international students globally.

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4pm - Crisis PR: the do’s and don’ts

Paula Keve, Communications Consultant and PR wonder woman, will be joined by a panel of experts from both within and outside of Higher Ed, to discuss how you can tackle Crisis PR effectively.

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5pm - Get the inside track: hear from student buddies around the world

In this panel session Victoria from the Unibuddy team, a previous buddy for St Joseph’s College, will be speaking with student buddies from a number of our partner institutions to share their experiences – and to answer your questions.

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6pm - Incorporating the student voice at every point in the recruitment cycle

At Arizona State University they’re using buddies to support, recruit and engage with prospects at every stage in the student journey. Hear more about the impact this is having on their enrollment, and top tips they’d like to share with institutions considering using peer to peer.

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7pm - Achieving true diversity and representation in your Higher Ed marketing

How can you ensure that your marketing and recruitment is truly representative and diverse? Kevin from the Unibuddy team will be joined by a panel of experts to share their experiences and research on this topic – hoping to inspire you to evaluate and reconsider your own marketing approach.

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8pm - What do your students really want?

Over 6 million messages have now been shared on the Unibuddy platform, and we’ll be using this session to share what we’ve learnt. Hear insights into the minds of US students, and some top tips for how you can use these insights to shape your recruitment strategy.

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9pm - Getting In and Getting On: Supporting non-traditional learners through their Higher Ed journey

Educational equity is what we all strive for, but how can you achieve this? Our panel of Higher Ed experts will join Brittney from the Unibuddy team to discuss how best to support prospects from non-traditional backgrounds during your outreach and recruitment.

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4am - Harnessing your student voice: how you can set up a successful student ambassador scheme

How can you embed your current students in your marketing strategy? Caris and Kim will share their experiences from working with our 300+ partners worldwide, and give some top tips on how you can set up and run a successful buddy scheme.

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5am - From student recruitment manager to digital agency owner: Ask Me Anything

Cameron Heasman is a student recruitment manager turned digital agency owner, with a favouritism for marketing automation. This session will be highly interactive, allowing you to ask Cameron about any questions or challenges you are facing digitally within your faculty or division.

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6am - Online and on campus - supercharging your hybrid events strategy

Online events are the new normal, and it can often be harder to showcase that unique essence of your institution in a digital environment. We’ll share how you can keep your live events engaging amidst the onslaught of ‘webinar fatigue’, and how you can seamlessly blend them in alonside any on campus activity.

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7am - Getting the most from your student buddies

Effectively working and engaging with your student ambassadors is key to the success of the projects they engage in. William Ndut, previous student and current alumni buddy from the University of Western Australia, will join Georgia from the Unibuddy team to help you get the most from your students.

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8am - Using social media to build robust Higher Education communities

How can you use social media to create waves? Dr Karen Sutherland, expert in all things social, will join us to share her insights and top tips.

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9am - The Unibuddy Roadmap

Our Unibuddy product team will share some of their key metrics from the last few months and demo our most recently released product features. They’ll walk you through the product roadmap to give a sneak peek into what we’ve got planned for the next few months, and you’ll have your chance to vote on what matters to you!

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10am - Creating a persona-driven content plan for students and parents in China

Understanding the needs and wants of your target audience is an important part of developing an effective marketing and recruitment strategy. This session will take you through the process of building your Chinese international student and parent persona (a fictional representation of your ‘ideal’ applicant). You will also come up with some content ideas to address their concerns along the entire decision-making journey.

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11am - Think like a start-up

What have we learnt on our journey as an EdTech start-up? Josh from Unibuddy will be joined by Elliott from the University of Leicester to discuss what start-ups and Universities can learn from each other – and let you put your questions to both about business and team management!

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12pm - The 2020 cycle - keeping pace with applicant sentiment and behaviour

At UCAS we have the privilege of being able to peek inside the application process and also speak to these applicants to ascertain how they are feeling and why they are making the decisions they are. We therefore want to bring you the highlights of the 2020 cycle and how behaviour and sentiment evolved – culminating in the latest picture of how the sector has weathered Covid. We’ll then look ahead briefly as to what this might mean for the 2021 applicant base.

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1pm - The Business School Leaders and International MBA Survey 2020: 360-degree insights into the future of business education

As the ecosystem of business education faces unprecedented volatility, AMBA & BGA carried out several pieces of research with business educators and their stakeholders – students, graduates and employers, to ascertain the challenges and opportunities for Business Schools.

The research – which polled more than 433 Business School decision makers, over 700 current MBA students, 1,000 employers, and 2,000 graduates throughout 2020 – takes a pulse of the current recruitment landscape and the career opportunities available to graduates.

During this interactive presentation, David Woods-Hale, author of the reports, will outline the key findings and (attempt to) define what they mean for business schools and their various stakeholder groups.

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2pm - The secret to smooth sailing virtual events

We’ll discuss how you can run virtual events with impact in 2021. Ian from the Customer Success team at Unibuddy will share experience and advice from our partners on effectively managing teams of student ambassadors, academics and professional service staff to provide a first class visitor experience.

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3pm - Increasing applications and improving conversions through marketing technology

In this workshop for data-driven marketers, Alex Calder, Head of Technology Solutions & Partnerships at Akero and Natives, will answering questions such as: How can I track and improve the ROI on my advertising? And how can I improve my conversion rates at data-capture points?

In this session we’ll also build a student journey map together, so that you understand exactly where you are getting leads from, where they go in your institution, and what happens to them further down the funnel. Then, using examples that you’ve submitted, we’ll look at how you can optimise your landing pages, sharing our framework so that you can apply it in your future campaigns.

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4pm - What the future of Unibuddy Tech looks like

Kimeshan and Vindhya from our tech team will give you a sneak peak into the future of Unibuddy technology.

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5pm - Tackling webinar fatigue: how you can keep your online events engaging

Virtual events aren’t going anywhere fast, and it’s essential to the success of your institution that you keep these informative and exciting for prospective students. Lou and George from the Unibuddy team will share their top tips on doing just that, and work with you to develop some actionable takeaways to improve your own events.

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6pm - Attracting & nurturing new student leads

The journey that students take between discovering your school or program and actually enrolling has changed. It’s not a straight line between discovery and clicking on an “apply now” button.

Study in the USA has the ability to put you in front of students at each point of their journey via our website that gets 7.6 million unique visitors each year, our print magazines that are distributed at fairs around the world and digitally online, our social media channels that have 600,000+ followers, and peer to peer initiatives through a partnership with Unibuddy.

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7pm - The three key steps to setting up a successful student ambassador scheme

St. Francis College run a thriving buddy scheme with their current students, and will share top tips on how you can recruit, train and manage your ambassadors effectively.

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8pm - 10 Creative(ish) Ideas for Higher Ed Email A/B Tests to Supercharge Marketing and Enrollment

Email A/B tests are incredibly important…yet many enrollment management and higher education marketing and communications teams fail to conduct them regularly. Why? In a recent poll we conducted with Enrollify subscribers, 75% of respondents noted “time” as the number one reason for sending only one version of an email. Well folks, we’ve got some great news for you!

We’ve taken the time to come up with 10 different email A/B tests that you should steal for your campaigns this fall before anyone else does! Participate in a high-energy, engaging session with step-by-step instructions on how to launch the “Donald Draper vs. Steve Jobs” test, the “Costco vs. Trader Joe’s” test, and “The Politician vs. The Comedian” test (among many others).

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9pm - The Unibuddy Roadmap

Our Unibuddy product team will share some of their key metrics from the last few months and demo our most recently released product features. They’ll walk you through the product roadmap to give a sneak peek into what we’ve got planned for the next few months, and you’ll have your chance to vote on what matters to you!

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