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Unibuddy and Partner

Unibuddy and have joined forces to help students looking to study abroad make the most informed decision they can.


As the global leading student engagement platform through peer-to-peer connections, Unibuddy knows that student ambassadors are the heart and soul of an institution.


By launching Unibuddy Discover on, universities now have the chance to showcase their student ambassadors to the 7.8 million students who use the site to find and compare international degrees during the initial stages of their study abroad journey.


Through this partnership, international student recruiters have the opportunity to provide prospective students with real-time access to student ambassadors. Prospects can browse ambassadors based on a similar course of study, region, or country of origin, and ask all of the questions best answered by a current student who most closely matches their experience.


By placing student ambassadors on, institutions can leverage this trusted platform, which millions of students visit regularly as a source of advice and guidance for study abroad opportunities to increase engagement and boost conversion.


Diego Fanara, Unibuddy CEO, says: “We’ve joined forces for a stronger, more cohesive higher education community. Unibuddy on will help universities optimize their digital channels, reach students and provide them with the information they need throughout their study abroad journey.”


Fredrik Söderlindh, CEO of says: “Partnering with Unibuddy is one more step forward in our mission of helping everyone in the world find the right education. We know that on the international student journey, stories from current students can be the most decisive information that prospective students use to shape their choices. That’s why we’re delighted to work with a partner that provides a scalable tech solution for our platform while promoting such personal conversations and connections between students.”