Unibuddy Europe Summit 2020

4 June 2020

Join our Virtual Unibuddy Europe Summit! Taking place online, the day will be dedicated to sharing best practice in how to make the most of your student voice.

This is perfect for you if you’re an HE professional working in Student / International Recruitment or College Admissions.

The event will run from 10am-3pm BST, including the opportunity to network over lunchtime. You will: 

  • Hear from some of our current partners, to get inspiration on how to optimise your use of Unibuddy
  • Learn top tips to engage your student ambassadors and harness their powerful voice
  • Be able to share marketing challenges and solutions with colleagues in the sector 
  • Discover Unibuddy conversational data insights from the 3 million messages shared on Unibuddy so far

This event is FREE.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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Agenda for the day

All timings in BST, each session will last 25 minutes with a 5 minute break between sessions


10.00  – Power to the peers 

Jonathan Tinnacher, Chief Customer Officer, will kick off the day with a little bit of what Unibuddy is all about. How have we adapted over the past few months, and how have we seen our partners adapt?

We’ll also give you an introduction to the day and talk through how you can make the most of the Summit.


10.30 – Integration with impact

We’ll hear how Erasmus School of Economics has seamlessly embedded digital peer to peer throughout their communications, and adapted it throughout the past few months to have the most impact. Ian Pierson from Unibuddy will be joined by Aleksandra Stuip at Erasmus, to dig deep into how they’ve used Unibuddy to increase engagement with prospective students and what they’ve found to be the most effective.


11.00 – Where there is no data, there can be insights: What impact is Covid-19 having on student choices?

To be agile and understand how COVID-19 is impacting students’ views, actions, and mental health, we need to talk to them. And you need tangible insights to inform how to support and engage a student audience. 

We’ll be joined by Student Hut, who have launched the Covid-19 Tracker. Across a 12 week project, they are surveying our student community of 140,000 members each week on the impact that the virus is having on their student choices. Director of Research Kas Nicholls and Head of Marketing Richard Campbell will go through the key findings of the project-to-date, with strategic marketing and content recommendations that will help you and your institution understand and engage your student audience. 


11.30 – Joining up recruitment, marketing and outreach: Getting everyone on board with digital initiatives 

Change can be scary, but what we’ve seen in the past few months is that Universities are more adaptable than anyone could have ever imagined. For success with these new digital initiatives and strategies, it’s key for team members across your college to be involved and on board. With over 15 years of experience in UK Higher Education, Emma Froud from Unibuddy will share her top tips on doing just that, joined by Stefanie Mainstone from Middlesex University to provide her insight.


12.00 – Lunch break!


12.30 – Making your virtual events stand out in a crowded online market

Online events are the new normal, and it can often be harder to showcase that unique essence of your institution in a digital environment. Dan Flatt from the University of Leicester will join Camille from Unibuddy to share how they have kept their live events engaging amidst the onslaught of ‘webinar fatigue’, and how they’re looking to continue to develop these events over the coming months based on what they’ve learnt so far. 


13.00 – Adaptive postgraduate marketing approaches in the current climate

Sarah Linington, Associate Director (Marketing) from Find a University will be joining us to share how you can ensure your postgraduate messaging remains tailored and informative in the current climate, and share their insights from the postgraduate sector specifically. 


13.30 – Ambassador 101: How do you recruit, train and manage ambassadors remotely?

The University of Glasgow runs a thriving student ambassador programme of volunteers to facilitate the running of their Unibuddy platform. In this session we’ll put our questions, and yours, to Ann Wilber, Recruitment Marketing Manager, to find out how she’s made the scheme so successful, and how her team have adapted their approach in the past few months. 


14.00 – Making your business school stand out

Now, more than ever, your business school needs to stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of your prospects. Jack Craig, having previously worked at London Business School, and Carolina Mantzalos from Unibuddy will talk you through their top tips to successful engagement, drawing upon their experience working our business school partners both across Europe and globally.


14.30 – What have 3 million messages taught us?

Sophie and George from Unibuddy will be looking at conversational insights from messages shared on our platform across institutions in Europe. They’ll be taking the data and turning it into digestible takeaways that can help you to inform your student messaging, not just during Coronavirus but always. Prepare yourself for a high-speed journey through student minds!


15.00 – The future of peer to peer

From Unibuddy’s creation during his masters thesis, to future years to come, our CEO Diego Fanara will share his Unibuddy story and our roadmap for the future. 

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