U.S. Unibuddy Roadshow

Rise Up Higher Ed: your 5 day student engagement strategy made easy roadshow

Rise Up Higher Ed: your 5-day student engagement strategy transformation

Join us on the road as we tackle higher education professionals’ biggest hurdles!

Optimizing student engagement, leveraging digital channels and adapting to the increase in the student’s virtual presence are just some of the topics we will cover. Get ready to use the next 5 stops to transform the student experience and celebrate big wins!

Event details:
5 stops at 2pm EST daily
5 days: Monday August 31st to Friday September 4th

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Hop on the journey if: 

  • You’re ready to stop struggling to engage with students in a new virtual only era
  • You want to stop taking “no” for an answer because reaching enrollment goals makes you sweat bullets!
  • You’re pumped about using the next 5-Days to elevate your digital channels and turn them into lead generation machines! 
  • You can’t wait to hear stories of successful virtual events that drive conversion

Go beyond the theory behind effective enrollment strategies to learn the proven, innovative tools you need to improve yield, reduce melt and write the textbook on higher education marketing.

Stops + Topics: 

  1. South:  The secret to designing viral virtual events 
  2. Midwest:  Utilizing conversational insights to drive your marketing strategy
  3. West Coast: Learn how to master communicating with international students on policy and regulations
  4. Northeast:   The Power of building ambassador programs that drive enrollment
  5. South West:  How the student voices will directly improve yield 

Be sure to check out topics at all five stops, tune in and share with your colleagues. Student events, admissions, recruitment and marketing teams are bound to find winning key takeaways they can apply in their plans today!

Join The Roadshow And Use The Next 5-Days To Elevate Your Student Engagement Strategy

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