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Diversifying student intake at Homerton College, Cambridge University

With around 600 undergraduate students, Homerton College is one of Cambridge University’s largest colleges and, joining the university in 2010, one of its newest.

The university’s commitment to a more diverse and inclusive intake, combined with the college’s innovative approach, made Homerton a perfect partner for Unibuddy.

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students NEVER feel represented in student advertising.
Student Hut, 'Where are the students we see?'

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65% of students applied to the university where they had chatted with an ambassador

Intead report, Peer-to-Peer Student Conversations:

How influential are they and what’s their value for your recruitment strategy?

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Said that they felt more confident about their university choice after using Unibuddy
Unibuddy user survey 2018

Build confidence

“Chatting with a uni student ambassador cemented my confidence in my decision to enrol at university and gave me the guidance I needed to make an informed and nice transition into uni life.”

Unibuddy user survey 2019

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