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Your students are the heart and soul of your institution.

It's time to showcase your students as the face of your institution - with just one line of code.

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students NEVER feel represented in student advertising.
Student Hut, 'Where are the students we see?'

Create a sense of belonging

65% of students applied to the university where they had chatted with an ambassador.

Intead report, Peer-to-Peer Student Conversations: How influential are they and what’s their value for your recruitment strategy?

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of accepted students went on to enrol.
Middlesex University, London

Enjoy higher conversion with your brand ambassadors

Maximize enrollment with higher ed marketing strategies that involve students throughout the entire process.

“Being able to chat to our current students through Unibuddy has given confidence and a sense of belonging to hundreds of applicants, while the impact on our enrolment has been phenomenal.”

Paul Woods, Director of Student Recruitment & Marketing

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Bring your institution to life with real experiences

Your students upload blogs, vlogs and images via chat - providing you with shareable content without lifting a finger.

Understand your future students

Discover trending topics by territory to help improve and hone your higher ed communications and enrollment marketing initiatives.


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Support your students at every stage with Unibuddy

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Attract students at the very start of their journey
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Support students with someone who’s been there

Unibuddy on your website and your course pages
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Help them reach the next stage of their journey

Schedule group chats with Unibuddy live for 3 hours or 3 months to support conversion
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