Unibuddy x Libereka

The Unibuddy and Libereka partnership:

Unibuddy has now partnered with Libereka to help international Universities
scale up their pre-application candidate engagement digitally, enabling verified
candidates to connect with a community of current students and staff, on-
Libereka has integrated Unibuddy’s candidate engagement products into its on-
demand digital events platform- providing participating schools and Universities
from across the USA, Europe, Asia, and Canada with an excellent student-
engagement structure.

About Libereka

Libereka is the world’s first complete student recruitment ecosystem on the blockchain, with a mission to empower students through educational enablement.

Libereka provides a bias-free and secure ecosystem that delivers application success & micro-scholarships for candidates, while helping Universities to headhunt verified, best-fit and application-ready candidates digitally and with zero risks.

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