“Every prospective student will have specific concerns that only existing learners, on the ground, can address”

Why Choose Unibuddy?

Unibuddy opens a new digital door for all university applicants to what life is really like at universities and colleges across the Nordic regions.

Our relationships with 300+ universities in 30 countries worldwide have allowed 100,000+ students from over 180 countries to make better decisions about their higher education.

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Help connect your university to new international students


There are turning points in our life when ‘official’ information just isn’t enough. Going to university, relocating, having a family – at times like these, we turn to our peers for a better understanding.

Unibuddy connects your university ambassadors to prospective students. Encouraging them to enrol with honest advice.

What is it really like to study there? Would I relate to anyone there?

300+ institutions use Unibuddy

Our Nordic Partners

Lund University - School of Economics and Management
chalmers university of technology
University of Helsinki
Technical University of Denmark
Creating an authentic and credible message


“Unibuddy didn’t just help with getting applications and conversion – it also helped students after they’d accepted their offer. About a fifth of conversations were from students who had already applied. They wanted practical advice and reassurance – and they want it from someone who was in their shoes”

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