“Every prospective student will have specific concerns that only existing learners, on the ground, can address”

Why Choose Unibuddy?

Unibuddy opens a new digital door for all university applicants to what life is really like at universities and colleges across the UK.

Our relationships with 300+ universities in 30 countries worldwide have allowed 100,000+ students from over 180 countries to make better decisions about their higher education.

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Help connect your university to new international students


There are turning points in our life when ‘official’ information just isn’t enough. Going to university, relocating, having a family – at times like these, we turn to our peers for a better understanding.

Unibuddy connects your university ambassadors to prospective students. Encouraging them to enrol with honest advice.

What is it really like to study there? Would I relate to anyone there? Are there any native speakers of my home language?

300+ institutions use Unibuddy

Some of our UK partners

Kings College London
University of York
Cardiff University
University of Hertfordshire
University of Northampton
University College Dublin
Sheffield Hallam University
University of Bedfordshire
University of Bradford
Ulster University
Homerton College, University of Cambridge
De Montfort
Universtity of Worcester
University of Reading
Staffordshire University
Oxford Brookes University
Queen Mary University of London
Royal Holloway University of London
Connecting with hard-to-reach students with virtual events

Middlesex University

Melissa Legarda, UG Customer Experience Communications Officer, said:

“The results were great, and we saw loads of authentic interactions between prospects and ambassadors. Unibuddy Live was twice as effective for conversion as phone calls from ambassadors, or targeted emails and social media.”

Read the full case study here


Middlesex uni on unibuddy

The UK’s Universities and Colleges Admissions Service has partnered with Unibuddy to digitally connect undergraduate applicants to current students at universities and colleges across the UK.

The partnership will provide an opportunity for higher education providers to engage with applicants as soon as they start exploring their options through the admissions service’s website.

A UCAS survey revealed that 64% of students said the ability to connect with other international students influences their university decision.

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