Rethinking your digital recruitment strategy for 2021

Sep 15, 2020 11:00 AM CET

Over the past 6 months the Higher Ed sector has been hugely adaptive in moving all activity online, especially when it comes to student recruitment. With it being clear that digital is here to stay – how can you learn from the past 6 months and develop a robust digital strategy for 2021 recruitment?

Lund University joined us to discuss their recent cultural analytical research regarding how students are conducting their digital university search process to focus more on experiences rather than just traditional information gathering. They discussed how each staff member plays a unique role in creating this digital experience and how increasing digitization and access to varied forms of information can help build the ‘experiencescape’ each student is looking for in your university.

They also shared some top tips for getting both staff and current students involved in the creative process of these new initiatives.