The value of student experience at Murdoch University Dubai

9 December – 11am GST

Manuja Sharma - Manager, Brand and Communications at Murdoch University Dubai
Ian Pierson - Customer Success Manager at Unibuddy
Raman Rebuar - University Partnerships Manager at Unibuddy

A positive student experience is core to Murdoch University Dubai’s recruitment and marketing strategy. We’ll be joined by the university’s Manager of Brand and Communications, Manuja Sharma, to learn more about how they consistently keep student experience at the forefront.

During the 45-minute session, we discussed how Murdoch Dubai pivoted their approach in 2020, and how they’ve embedded the authentic voice of current students into their strategy.
You’ll discover:
  • How to attract and reassure prospective students from around the world
  • How to build a digital-first admissions journey
  • Why current students are your best advocates, and how to amplify their stories
  • How to incentivise your students to share their experiences

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