Unibuddy connects prospective students with university ambassadors and staff.

Students find their perfect university, while universities find their best students.

Powering better decisions, through student and staff connections.

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Unibuddy gives prospects real-time access to real people at your university, so they can chat about the things it doesn’t say in the brochure.

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Experiences shared. Decisions made.

Shared experience is the most powerful tool for choosing the right path.
  • Prospective students get information, reassurance and a greater shot at success.
  • Student ambassadors create connections, gain confidence and get to pay it forward.
  • Universities attract, engage and retain a diverse student population.

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We’re working with 250+ institutions around the world on 4 continents.

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"The good thing about Unibuddy is that instead of coming to an institution's website and going through course pages - they can actually get a real feel by talking to current students at that institution."

Then it all fell into place: prospects could get all their answers from our students and we as an institution get to see all the stats and measure the outcome. 90% of accepted students that chat go on to enrol.

“Any time a prospective student has an interaction with an ambassador, they are more likely to come here. That student-to-student connection always has that effect.”

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