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Empowering the next generation of students to make the right choice for their future

Unibuddy was born out of my own frustration in trying to make my university choice. Prospectuses and websites all blurred together, and I needed some kind of insight that would show me what a university really had to offer me and whether or not I’d find my place there. And so I founded Unibuddy. We launched with just five universities in 2017 and have since grown to partner with more than 500 institutions worldwide that all recognize the value of authentic connections

photo of Unibuddy CEO Diego Fanara
Diego Fanara
Co-founder and CEO

This is Unibuddy

We’re rewriting the script, reimagining how universities, schools, and colleges recruit their future students. We’ve served over one million students to date, and we’re just getting started.
1 million+
students served
15 million+
messages sent
institutional partners worldwide

We have firm beliefs

While values such as honesty, integrity, and politeness are important, they’re also a baseline requirement for working at Unibuddy. The four values below embody what’ is unique about our culture and how we operate. They don’t just set us apart, they’re essential to our long-term success.

Power to the Peers

What we can achieve together far outshines what we can do alone

Unibuddy was founded because connections and community matter. That extends to all aspects of how we work. Ideas are debated respectfully with open minds and hearts. We set aside ego so we can figure out as a team what is best - for customers, for the business, and for each other.

Hungry to Grow

We aren’t satisfied with the status quo

Opportunities are made, not given. So we own our development and embrace uncertainty as a chance to learn and innovate. We are self-aware and vulnerable when we make mistakes. And when we aren't sure, we're humble and ask for help. Feedback is a gift, and as a result, our comfort zone is constantly expanding.

Thrive in the Thick of It

We're cool under pressure, and deliver when the stakes are highest

We're all entrepreneurs - we think on our feet and stay scrappy. When confronted with a barrier we don't freeze, we're thinking how we go over, under, around or through it. But this doesn't mean we bulldoze. We're thoughtful, we're curious, and we bring people on the journey. We employ empathy, a growth mindset and collaboration to arrive at a better solution. Our superpower is problem solving. And, we love to celebrate when we find a better way forward – because making progress day by day ultimately fuels our mission.

Impact over Input

Our ultimate yardstick 
is impact

Through it all, we stay focused on the big goal. We hold ourselves accountable to what we signed up to achieve. We believe it's not just good for Unibuddy, it accelerates our own capabilities and career progression. Our mantra is 'work smarter, not harder.' We don't measure ourselves by how many boxes we can tick in a day. We measure ourselves by how close we come to achieving the dreams and goals that seem the craziest and most ambitious. Even as we fail along the way, our ultimate yardstick is impact. The impact we make on our customers, our students, and each other is the reason we jump out of bed every morning.

The humans behind Unibuddy

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