Our story

Connecting peers for better decisions.

There are turning points in our life when ‘official’ information just isn’t enough. Going to university, relocating, having a family – at times like these, we turn to our peers for a better understanding.

Unibuddy was born out of my own frustration in trying to make my university choice. How could I tell the difference between institutions from just prospectuses and their websites? What was it really like to study there? Would I relate to anyone there?

And so Unibuddy was founded! Since we launched with just five universities in 2017, we’ve grown at a rapid rate, with more than 200 institutions world-wide recognising the value of digital peer-to-peer.

Diego Fanara, CEO

Our Values

Students are at the heart of all we do.

  • Be authentic

    Be transparent and open because that’s how we build trust and make it easy for everyone to have their say. Accept others as they are and listen from a place of empathy, whether they’re your colleague, from a university or a student.

  • Share everything

    Talk to each other. This leads to better decisions. Whether it’s a student considering university talking to a relatable peer, us debating on product direction, or collaborating to solve a problem.

  • Keep it simple

    Bring simplicity, efficiency and joy to what can be complex and daunting – for students and professionals within education. Always be nimble and straightforward in how you work, whoever you work with.

  • Make a difference and prove it!

    Harness your passion and make a difference for students everywhere. Focus on the evidence to make an impact – and be driven by results.

  • Think big and smart

    Be ambitious and driven – look for opportunities to grow faster and smarter. Our big ambitions will take us across the globe – helping students realise their potential too.

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We are Unibuddy.

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