19 May 2020
Keeping the 'community' in Community College

Ariana, a recent community college student, just received her acceptance letter to transfer into her dream college, Stanford. She cannot speak highly enough of her experiences at community college and how it helped her not only save money on tuition but also how it shaped her into a better student and person.

I stumbled upon Ariana’s LinkedIn post while scrolling through #studentsuccess. She knows first hand about the benefits of a community college: smaller class sizes, more flexible options, lower tuition rates, and the support from college counselors. 

Shaping experiences

Ariana’s stories and reassurance will shape experiences for students who come after her. She wants to help those students who are debating between community colleges and a four year university. 

Colleges list the benefits on their brochures and websites, but hearing about a current student’s experience first-hand from someone like Ariana is more convincing and reassuring for a prospective student. It’s these stories that influence their decisions.

How can a community college harness their own individual best storytellers, the students like Ariana? Through Unibuddy.

Connecting peers to make better decisions

Our mission is to connect peers to make better decisions. Each choice we make throughout our lives shapes our future profoundly. Students thinking about studying at community college are facing one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

Justin Wamsley, Associate Director of International Student Recruitment
at Lane Community College, says it best:

“Unibuddy allows the conversations to flow freely between prospective students and current students. We see the students who engage through Unibuddy are much more connected to our university (Lane) and enjoy being able to connect with real students before landing on campus.”

Students like Ariana sharing their story helps applicants make their best decisions, which will lead to success down the road. “This means so much to me, not only because it is an acceptance from my dream school, but also because it is proof that community college can mean success.” 

Ariana’s words speak for themself, “Community College can mean success.”

Let us help empower your students to share their experiences with the rest of your prospective students.


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