14 August 2020
Why Customer Success is the heart of Unibuddy

From being a Students’ Union Sabbatical officer to teaching Business in tertiary education, I’ve always been incredibly passionate about student learning and finding innovative ways to share my knowledge with students and stakeholders. 

So why did I change to sales and customer success?

Well, it’s a simple answer really. I had a lot of experience in representation, communication and negotiation, and I knew sales and customer success would just solidify those skills but also make sure that I built strong relations with partners and provided them with the right solution to their needs. 

So why join Unibuddy? 

As an international student based in Cyprus, with no clear idea of where and what to study and a 5 hour flight away, the idea of visiting campuses was but a dream.  

I chose Queen Mary University of London because of school rankings and because I chose to study International Relations, and thought, “with Westiminster just down the road, London must be the place to be, right?”, and that was my application process. 

I was incredibly lucky with my choice and it all worked out, but what if I hadn’t been so lucky? 

Unibuddy is just the platform that I was missing when applying to University, and when I saw a position open in their Customer Success team I just had to grab it!

Why Customer Success matters

Here are my top 4 reasons.

1. The Customer Success team is at the ♥️ of the Unibuddy community

Customer Success works hand in hand with all stakeholders, including prospects, student and staff buddies as well as university administration. What this means is that we are part of everyone’s journey with Unibuddy and therefore provide engagement and best practice both internally and externally, building a big community where everyone knows Unibuddy and what we do.

2. Product Optimisation

We work hand-in-hand with all our university partners to make sure that the Unibuddy product line solves their challenges.

With the massive shift from face to face to online, the Customer Success team has helped universities get all their events online within a matter of weeks, using both live chat and live streaming.

This has meant that events haven’t been cancelled and prospects, students and staff have all been able to experience great networking opportunities and Universities have not missed the boat when engaging with their prospects.  The results are outstanding – with an over 150% uptake in prospect messaging over the last 3 months.

3. Measuring success

We help our university partners to set key KPIs and targets for lead generation, conversion and brand recognition. We pull and present analytics using products such as Google Tag Manager and Mixpanel to show how much Unibuddy products are contributing to their success with student recruitment.

This data is shared with all key stakeholders across the institution to drive creative adoption and to always find ways to increase student recruitment. Some examples of these are institution-wide social media campaigns, week-long open days or even working on CRM integration providing Universities with data on who uses the platform and then applies and accepts University offers.

4. Customer Success = the Customer Voice

The CS team works hand in hand with other departments, such as Sales, Marketing and Product, providing constant customer feedback, customer insights and best practice by coordinating workshops and webinars. By being the bridge between customers and these teams, the CS team is pivotal in driving product development, ensuring class customer experience and constantly helping to better understand what Universities are looking for in student recruitment.

Because of all the above, I’m very excited to have joined Unibuddy and to know that we are entering a very exciting time in Higher Education. 

Want to join us? We’re hiring! 


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