21 January 2020
What makes a great digital student ambassador?

There are plenty of qualities that you are used to looking for in your student ambassadors, but if you’re new to digital student ambassador programs you might be unsure of what to be looking for.

Finding ambassadors is the first (and arguably easiest) step in establishing a university ambassador program. There are enthusiastic students on every campus, loads of whom are looking for opportunities to build their skills and experience. But what should you be looking for? Let’s explore the top qualities to look for in your next digital student ambassador.

What to look for in a digital student ambassador?

Many of the skills are similar to regular student ambassadorsbut there are some different ones and some that might surprise you. Here is our rundown.

Strong Communication Skills

Student ambassadors must be great communicators – but they also need to be digital natives. Being a great communicator online means writing in a clear and concise way, coming across as open and friendly, and maybe even using emojis.

The ability to communicate effectively online through chat channels is different from the ability to speak to a big tour group or give a presentation. 

You can assess this in the application stage. Send students example questions and see how they respond or ask them for examples of digital content they’ve created in the past.

Well Organized

Digital student ambassadors tend to work more independently from other ambassador or student roles. Whether they are creating content, working on social media, or chatting on an online platform like Unibuddy – a lot of this is done in the student’s own time.

With studying and extra-curricular activities, it’s vital to find digital student ambassadors that can fit the work into their schedule. Ask at the interview for examples of how they organise their time.

Proactive and Engaging

It’s vital that your ambassadors online are just as engaging as those offline! They should be friendly, keen to help, and excited to get to know prospective students.

Those with great empathy for the student journey to Higher Ed – a journey they were on not long ago themselves – thrive in all ambassador roles.

Students who can create compelling and engaging content will also be an asset to your ambassador team.

Takes Initiative

Working online and independently can sometimes mean digital ambassadors won’t be as directly managed as your ‘offline’ ambassadors. You need ambassadors who have initiative, can answer questions independently, redirect an inquiry, and know when to ask for help. The last thing you want is for an ambassador to leave a student on ‘read’ because they were unable to answer a question.

Ambassadors also need to be responsible for managing their own time, projects, and conversations. Make sure your ambassadors are ready for the added responsibility by asking them some ‘tough questions’ they might receive and see how they respond, or what they do. Communication is key, so make sure ambassadors are aware of the proper protocols to follow in case any issues arise. This will encourage them to take initiative in tough situations because they are aware of where to ask for help.


Above all else, you want your digital ambassadors to show enthusiasm and passion for your institution. That is the most important part of any ambassador program, and it’s why positive interactions with current students result in such high conversion.

Enthusiasm for the institution should be easy to detect and come across in the application and interview process. If you have to question a student’s enthusiasm, they probably aren’t the right fit.

Final Thoughts

It may seem overwhelming to try and find the perfect candidates within your ambassador recruitment process, but most are right in front of you! Many higher education institutions are filled with students that are eager to share their love for their school and their experience with future applicants. Ambassador recruitment doesn’t need to be difficult, in fact, it should be fun! Take your ambassadors online, and make sure you’ve got the best and most honest representatives that create a sense of belonging.

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