07 July 2021
What our $20MIL raise means to our partner institutions and the higher ed sector

You may have heard the news, we’re proud to have raised a whopping $20 million USD in Series B funding and we’re excited!  So what is ‘Series B’ and exactly does that mean for Unibuddy and all the universities we work with? 

Series B is a stage of financing that follows ‘seed’ and ‘series A financing’—it’s the third stage in a type of equity-based financing that start-ups use to fuel their development. It means investors provide us with capital in exchange for some of our shares. In other words, we’ve raised a huge investment to help support our company’s growth and continue to help students make their higher education decisions.

What started off as an idea with no business plan then went on to become a small tech start-up in London with only 20 employees. And we’ve now grown to more than 116 Buddies across the US, UK, and APAC (at a much faster rate than we were ready for!)

With this investment, not only will we be able to expand externally and continue to work with some of the best technology on the market, but we’ll also be able to invest internally and give back to everyone working hard to make the magic happen. We’ll be revising our employee benefits, moving to a brand new office, and making employee well-being a top priority. 

And the best part is we get to bring in talent to support the development of our products and continue to help you improve your student marketing and recruitment strategy.

It’s an exciting time of growth and development at Unibuddy and we want to share our journey with you! 

Have a read of our 5 year story, apply for any of our current roles, and read the finer details of our investment here


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