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Why Unibuddy?

We asked Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) School of Business why they were drawn to the Unibuddy platform. They listed the following reasons:

  • The power of peer-to-peer
  • A structured way of connecting students and prospects
  • Ability to attract a diverse pool of students

Conversational data facilitates a better understanding of prospective students motivations


Alison Li, Executive Officer at HKBU School of Business, said:

“We see the importance of using this channel to retain applicants’ commitment to us during the admission process.”

The onboarding process

PREPARE – 1-2 days

  • Send out ambassador materials for selection
  • Receive dashboard logins

CREATE – 1-3 days

  • Invite ambassadors from the dashboard
  • Choose a location for the platform on the website

LAUNCH – 1-2 days

  • Review ambassador profiles before going live
  • Add an iframe code snippet to the chosen website page

The implementation process

HKBU outlines how they felt fully supported throughout the implementation process.

  • We had a dedicated Customer Success Manager – It has been a pleasant journey to work with Unibuddy.
  • We were supported by an amazing team of colleagues and with all necessary supplementary materials, such as sample guides, templates, and forms.
  • Daily admin time once live is also doable – around 1 hour per week to review the chats and support our student ambassadors.

An ambassador’s perspective:

I am glad that I am a part of a bigger community and I was able to assist many students from different parts of the world. From a student perspective, Unibuddy is a useful yet, interactive platform to make use of the learning experience of the current students. So, prospective students get a realistic preview on where they are going to study. So far, I have a positive experience in this effort and I believe the University will also be able to attract a more diverse student community.

Key findings

Alison Li, Executive Officer at HKBU School of Business, recalls her key takeaways since using Unibuddy.

  • The excellent performance of our student ambassadors. Our bond with our existing students has become stronger. We didn’t expect such a benefit when we decided to partner with Unibuddy.
  • Prospects feel reassured through chatting with our current students. Moving out of their comfort zone to study abroad is a big decision for everyone, by gaining much useful and practical information from our students, prospects definitely feel more assured.
  • In the future, we plan to promote the platform further to generate more leads.

A prospective student:

I had a great learning experience interacting with students from different parts of the world thanks to the Unibuddy platform.

The impact of peer-to-peer

Hong Kong Baptist University School of Business launched with Unibuddy in February 2020.

After just a year of using Unibuddy, HKBU business school ambassadors have engaged with prospects from 48+ countries and engaged in conversations about all of the 12 courses the business school offers.

About 20% of the current full-time taught postgraduate students had connected with our student ambassadors before joining HKBU School of Business.


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