Ambassadors boost enrolment at Taylor's University

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“We recently had a prospective student that wasn’t sure if she should pursue a programme with our university and thanks to speaking to our ambassadors on Unibuddy she is now one of us!”

The challenge

When the higher education market in Malaysia took a downturn, Taylor’s University saw the need to improve their recruitment strategy and their ambassador program. They felt they needed a tool that would do both; improve conversion and support their ambassadors to attract prospective students. They found Unibuddy was a perfect fit to support their mission.

Ann June Lee, Deputy Head, Digital Marketer at Taylor’s University, shares her experience using Unibuddy Chat.

“We’ve only been using Unibuddy for seven months and have taken it on at a time when the market in Malaysia isn’t doing too well—but with the support of the Unibuddy platform, we have been able to appeal to prospective students and keep our student ambassadors motivated.”

The solution

“From a tech point of view, I was a little concerned because of past experiences but one of the best things about Unibuddy has been the Support Team. We got it up and running very very quickly and everyone who we have spoken to has been amazing! We keep thinking that we can’t say no to this, it’s so good!”

Not only did we ensure the setup process was quick and easy, but we also provided the relevant tools to support their ambassadors.

“It’s great to see how much the ambassadors enjoy using Unibuddy. They have built a great rapport between themselves and are always happy to support each other. They have even started a Whatsapp group where they discuss progress on Unibuddy and help each other out with queries/questions.”

The results

In only a short period of time since implementing Unibuddy Chat, Taylor’s University has seen an increase in conversion.

“Conversion is definitely on the rise. We recently had a prospective student that wasn’t sure if she should pursue a program with our university, and thanks to speaking to our ambassadors on Unibuddy, she is now one of us!”

It’s been a win-win for Taylor’s University as they’ve seen a rise in conversion and have improved their ambassador program.

“We’ve had great feedback from the ambassadors overall, they have said they love the process and love to speak to prospects and share their experience of living on campus.”

And it doesn’t stop there. The team at Taylor’s University is currently considering other Unibuddy products and is looking forward to implementing our group chat function coming soon.

“Really looking forward to the group chat function and would love to bring our staff members on board to be able to prompt conversion. We think it would be a really nice fit.”

Ann June Lee Taylors University

Taylor’s University is ranked the top private university in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, placing them among the world’s top-flight universities. This follows their achievement of being one of the few Asian universities rated 5 Stars for Online Learning, acknowledging the world-class education they provide for their students. We are proud to have Taylor’s as one of our university partners and happy to continue to support them in their student recruitment success. 














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