Easily implementing a lead gen tool at Brock University

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leads generated in 2.5 months

The challenge

The advent of online-learning-dominance opened up more opportunities and flexibility to applicants and, with it, increased competition amongst schools in Ontario. So, the Brock team sought out unique opportunities to communicate with prospective students.

Nathaniel Webb, Recruitment Officer at Brock University says,

“If there’s one important element that’s emerged over the past year, it’s that prospective students greatly value hearing about post-secondary life from current students themselves.

Students are seeking firsthand information from current students to learn more about their experiences both on campus and in the local community—in lieu of being able to do so themselves.”

The solution

The Unibuddy Sales team showed Nathaniel and his team how easy our platform is to use, and how it might be just the solution he’s been looking for,

“We were offered a tour of the platform, and were impressed with how easy it was for both prospective students to navigate, and our current students to help field questions. The whole package is integrated nicely, and it’s simple for all users to make the most of the platform with very little training required.”

They wanted to create a more robust experience for prospective students and diversify their recruitment efforts beyond typical communications campaigns (emails, texts, social media, etc.).

They were also looking to launch newer initiatives like online fairs and school presentations.

Brock had live-chat functionality on their site, but not peer-to-peer chat. As they were exploring new innovative technology, they happened upon Unibuddy.

They’ve implemented chat widgets on every page within their brocku.ca/ discover series of websites as well as certain pop-up cards, and they plan to expand integration in preparation for the fall semester.

“Setting up ‘Buddies’ on the platform and integrating Unibuddy within our website took only a matter of minutes, not hours. All of the relevant code ‘snippets’ are very easy to integrate, and only require a very basic knowledge of web development. Our team was thoroughly impressed by how quickly everything was set up, and how seamless the integration looks on our website.”

The results 

Only a few months in, Brock University is already starting to see a measurable impact through using Unibuddy.

“Though we implemented Unibuddy only two and a half months ago, it has delivered an impressive amount of leads in such a short span of time, and the number of quality interactions that prospective students have had with both our students and staff has been high.”

Brock has already logged 178 prospects so far in just under 2.5 months.

Nathaniel Webb, Recruitment Officer, Communications


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