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The challenge

Chapman University was given a free trial, which began right at the start of the pandemic in March of 2020.

It was great timing, as it became imperative that they provide some virtual offerings very quickly.

The solution

Thankfully, the Unibuddy Customer Success Team was able to get them set up in no time and onboarded their entire undergraduate team.

The Chapman team also had the opportunity to meet up with other Unibuddy university partner teams to discuss how to best utilize the platform—in true peer-to-peer style.

That said, they’ve found that implementing pop cards, carousels, and traffic drivers across different pages on their site is key to widget traction.

They’ve also added them to various program and organization pages to drive prospects toward the specific students who could answer questions about those courses and activities.

As both Unibuddy and Slate partners, they were able to use the two platforms in conjunction to upload new leads from Unibuddy to Slate through the API version.

The results

“Before Unibuddy, we had talked about ways to connect our tour guides explicitly with people visiting campus, and there was a fairly complex system to do so involving forms and assigning tasks to others. Unibuddy is helpful because it’s software that cuts out that process. It doesn’t require any kind of manual work,” said Brendan Babish, Associate Director of Admission Communication.

Placing Unibuddy in so many spaces across their site has been instrumental in facilitating more personal connections with the right ambassadors that generate a sense of belonging for prospective students.

It’s worked so well, in fact, that these ambassadors have answered 22,000 questions since Chapman launched the platform. 

“We do see that it’s used by a lot of people who are already inquirers, applicants, or incoming students. It’s useful as a nurturing tool to give people who are already interested in chatting more than just an introduction.”


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