Real insight at the start of the student journey for Falmouth University

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Unibuddy on UCAS is a landmark partnership between the UK’s trusted admissions service and Unibuddy’s innovative peer-to-peer technology.

Officially launched on November 5th, over 700,000 prospective students will have access to speak directly with a current student at institution’s up and down the country.

In summer 2019, Falmouth University was part of a closed pilot test of Unibuddy on UCAS, along with 10 other HEIs. The results spoke for themselves. 

Sophie Kesacoff, Operations and Events Coordinator at Falmouth, said: “this a great opportunity to reach another audience that we didn’t have before – and reaching them early which is really exciting for us.” 

The good thing about Unibuddy is that instead of coming to an institution’s website and going through course pages, speaking to staff members – they can actually get a real feel by talking to a current student at that institution. They’re getting more authentic answers about what the student life is like, what the social life is like, where they are living – in more detail than they might get from staff.

During the small scale pilot, hundreds of prospects took up the opportunity to chat to a current student and 950 messages were exchanged. 

Sophie said that it also represented a great opportunity for ambassadors to have more positive interactions on different topics than they may have had from the university website. 0 messages were reported from the pilot, meaning it was a positive experience for all ambassadors. 

Students were exceptionally engaged after their interactions on Unibuddy on UCAS. During the pilot, the follow-up email had an open rate of 50.66%, giving universities the opportunity to connect with the students that spoke to their ambassadors. 

A lot of people don’t necessarily know about our institution. To have that reach to people that we may not have had any visibility to before is really good for us.