Reducing Fisher College's summer melt with Study in the USA

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Utilizing Unibuddy Discover

The challenge


As a longtime Unibuddy partner, Fisher College was early to the digital student recruitment party. But it was in March of 2020 that they started utilizing their Unibuddy Discover widget on Study USA’s website.

Melt and lead gen were the two challenges they sought to address. They were looking to move accepted students along the funnel and keep them engaged over the summer in the virtual age with Unibuddy, and target new leads territorially with Study USA.

“We’re a small, private school in an expensive city, and we’re very cautious about what we spend money on. We have to make sure something works before we buy in,” said Associate Director of International Enrollment Mackenzie Cushman.

The solution


Cushman remarked that they’d met with 3 or 4 competitors, but Unibuddy’s price-point was unbeatable, and they were able to get the platform live within 10 days of the first meeting.

They started off using Unibuddy for international recruitment, then expanded to undergraduate admissions recruitment. Next, they began their free trial with Study USA through Unibuddy Discover.

The results


They signed on to become a full Study USA partner after the initial free trial because both the quality and quantity of the leads they received were undeniable.

Fisher had a 27% conversion rate for students who used the Unibuddy platform in the 2020-21 school year (473) to students who committed (130).

“I honestly feel like every step of the way, everything that I’ve thought they needed to add or could potentially add, they’ve added, like live events with video. It’s how well their Customer Success team works with us, they figure out a way to get ahead of it.”


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