28 October 2020

Generating leads when travel is restricted at Jacobs University

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Adapting to the 'new normal'

Generating leads and driving those students to apply has always been a priority for Jacobs University.

Faced with demand from their applicants to chat to a student, the university decided to seek a peer to peer solution.

As Sharon Min, Recruitment Counselor and Admissions Officer, said:

“While it’s great to be physically present, it has geographic limitations. Having the digital ambassador programme bridges that gap”

The school recruited a team of 22 volunteer buddies who were embedded onto the platform.

They had hoodies made up to create a sense of community for the ambassadors.

They also utilized Unibuddy’s new Chat to Staff feature to add 6 academic and admissions staff.

Students from 70+ different countries

With over half the world’s population in lockdown – Gen Z are spending 62% longer on messaging services, and Jacobs University wanted to adapt to this new normal.

Jacobs University was able to implement Unibuddy very simply with a single line of code.

“The platform is really easy to use,” said Sharon, “and the team are so responsive to any questions.”

Jacobs University has put Unibuddy across their website, allowing them to connect with their site visitors.

They also reached out to applicants and leads, benefiting from the increased clickthrough rate of the ‘Chat to a Student’ call to action.

As Sharon explains: “This is a great new source of leads – high quality leads, coming in through the platform.“

“At a time like this where we can’t travel, this is a great way for us to reach international leads.”


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