15 September 2020
A student-informed approach to recruitment at Lund University

In 2020, as marketing strategies were digitised, Lund University experienced a shift in their approach to recruitment towards a focus on authentic student experience.

Lund call the prospect’s idea of what life will be like in their new home as an ‘experiencescape’.

They work on the idea that every interaction an institution has with their prospect is either working to confirm or invalidate the experiences they have imagined up throughout the decision making process.

Unibuddy has enabled Lund to interact with their prospects in a new experience-focused approach, led by student-informed strategies. As universities go digital, Lund have highlighted the importance of checking in with current students for feedback on prospect communication. Unibuddy ambassadors have helped the university with this approach over the last six months.

Unibuddy’s Conversational Insights have also helped Lund adjust their regional communication strategy, allowing them to deliver more personalised content to prospects in certain parts of the world where particular topics, such as accommodation, may be higher on the agenda.

Audrey Savage, Junior Marketing Officer at Lund University, said:

“We’ve had a really positive response from students this year, who have reached out to us to let us know how helpful it was having Unibuddy ambassadors to speak to throughout the decision making process”

Rethinking strategies for 2021

In the year of digitalisation, Lund are reshaping their recruitment strategies to make the most of what Unibuddy can offer them.

They plan to get their ambassadors involved in a host of virtual events throughout the year, as well as utilising buddy content for the universities wider outreach strategies. For 2021, it’s peer to peer that takes the driving seat.

  • Over 80 virtual fairs and Unibuddy Live events
  • Ambassador takeovers on social media and student podcasts
  • Student-informed video content

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