26 March 2020

Middlesex University London

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Paul Woods

Director of Student Recruitment and Marketing

“Unibuddy has given confidence and a sense of belonging to hundreds of applicants”

With great diversity comes great responsibility

Middlesex University has one of the most diverse intakes in the sector – it’s a great strength, but also a real challenge.

As Paul Woods, Director of Student Recruitment and Marketing puts it:

“The majority of our students will be the first in their family to consider university and may lack role models who can support them with their decision making. We actually have a responsibility to provide those role models and peer-to-peer support so our applicants know they belong here – regardless of their background.”

The solution

And so they launched Unibuddy, integrating peer-to-peer at every stage of the applicant journey.

Unibuddy engaged prospects on the website, invited interviewees to connect with ambassadors and integrated ambassadors’ blog content into their communications.

The results

In less than 12 months, over 900 prospects and applicants used Unibuddy. Around 77% of offer holders went on to enrol.

“We know that peer influence is such an important part of our students’ choices. Being able to chat to our current students through Unibuddy has given confidence and a sense of belonging to hundreds of applicants, while the impact on our enrolment has been phenomenal.”

Embedding peer to peer throughout the student journey


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