The importance of student partnership at Murdoch University Dubai

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The Situation

When we spoke to Murdoch University Dubai it was clear that they pride themselves on providing a positive student experience from the very start of the student journey.

“We consider ourselves partners with our students on their journey, so we’re not just providers, we’re not there just to guide them; we’re right there partnering with them from day one until after they graduate.”

With this in mind, they work to ensure that at every touch-point the interactions with students (and prospective students) are positive, rewarding and value-based.

Through listening to the needs and wants of their prospects, inline with their culture of student partnership, they recognise that “[prospective] students are thirsty for more experience from university students themselves.” 

The Solution

Unibuddy offers a unique opportunity to begin fostering this sense of community and partnership with prospective students pre-enrolment though the power of peer-to-peer connection.

Murdoch University Dubai approached their existing student council members to engage in conversations with prospective students through the digital Unibuddy platform. They reported that students were ‘forthcoming’ and excited to take part, and that “rolling it out was much easier than anticipated.”

The Result

“It feels like we’ve been using Unibuddy for years.”

After using Unibuddy for just 4 months, 8% of their users are holding an offer for 2021 entry. This number only continues to grow as their current students keep engaging with prospective students.

They have also found the ‘Insights’ tab particularly useful in identifying the ‘real-world demands’ of their prospects and the types of questions being asked in different regions. They’ve used these insights to tailor their region-specific marketing and communications accordingly.

“Start harvesting your student voice – it’s a goldmine of information for key business drivers, and not just because it’s nice to have. You will be making crucial business decisions if you listen to your student voice.” 


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