Northwest University leverages a blend of virtual events software to target students early on

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Jenae Ice, Campus Visit Counselor

The challenge

Northwest University wanted to target students higher in the funnel, particularly those at the inquiry and pre-application stage.

They needed a tool to supplement their usage of virtual conference software that would allow them to maintain the relationships they were building with prospective students.

The solution

Campus Visit Counselor Jenae Ice felt that no other vendors could provide this particular service, so Unibuddy was the right fit.

They’ve utilized the text-only feature of Unibuddy’s events product to keep a chat running throughout the duration of their virtual events and after the fact.

Their plan involves generating interest and building connections to ultimately get students on campus for in-person visits.

The results

“We got more conversion from inquiry to applicant through Unibuddy than we had seen in the past,” Ice said.

Northwest also had a lot of success reaching sophomores and juniors in high school who still have years before they can apply but are interested in having conversations with current students.

They had 20 prospective students at one of their 5 sessions run through Unibuddy, which Ice mentioned is above average for their virtual events.

“We needed a bridge in between students semi-raising their hands that they’re interested in Northwest and actually wanting to engage with us. So that’s what the live events offered.

They’re able to get their questions answered and feel some sense of community in both meeting current students and also other prospective students. We noticed that it was kind of fun for them to get to chat between one another and share experiences.”


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