26 March 2020

University of Exeter

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Unibuddy Live with video

As one of the first universities to use the new platform, the University of Exeter ran a fortnightly virtual drop-in session using Unibuddy Live, where applicants could chat with current students, staff and academics. They used the new Unibuddy Live with Videostreaming tool to put an academic front and centre. Emma Heady, Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator, said:

“When we get calls and emails, students want to engage with academic staff – and it’s the academic staff who really sell the courses. There’s a buzz around speaking to someone who is a lecturer on the course.”

The benefits were enormous. Not only were the events easy to set-up and use for the organiser and the academics, prospective students responded positively. Emma said,

“We saw more engagement at our ad-hoc events on Unibuddy Live than we normally get in person during the summer holidays – so we’ll definitely be continuing these events in the future. Lots of students say it’s been really helpful, and there are very high levels of engagement during the event.”

Exeter also found that there were huge benefits for engaging a wide variety of students.

“We’ve had a lot more students from overseas. Even for domestic students, Exeter can be a longer journey than getting to some other universities. We were able to increase our accessibility via these online events with students being able to sign up moments before the start.

The set up itself is straightforward. It all makes perfect sense, and it’s really easy to use. For the academics, it was very easy for them to log in and start streaming.”


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