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The next generation of student recruitment: Global insights from higher education recruitment professionals

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Why This Report?

In an era of rapid change and competition, this report is an essential resource for higher education professionals. This comprehensive report provides in-depth insights and analysis from nearly 800 global higher education practitioners, offering a unique perspective into the changing landscape of student recruitment. By learning the challenges, wins, and modern tactical solutions of your peers, you’ll understand how to shape your own recruitment efforts effectively.

Why It’s Relevant in 2024

In 2024, the dynamics of student recruitment continue to evolve at a fast pace. That’s why this report is particularly relevant in the post 2023 world. It features the changing expectations of Gen Z students and the impact of new recruitment strategies in higher education. 

This report provides a glance in today’s digital recruitment practices. It reveals which channels work best, explains how student ambassadors can help, and explores the rise of online and blended hiring strategies.

What’s in the Report

  • Understand the unique characteristics and expectations of Gen Z students, and how these impact recruitment strategies.
  • Explore how your peers are using hot platforms like social media and virtual events to connect with and attract future students
  • Discover the critical role of student ambassadors in the recruitment process and how peer-to-peer interactions enhance the prospective student experience.
  • Learn about the major challenges faced by higher education professionals in recruitment, including competition from alternative education providers and the need for hybrid engagement strategies.
  • Gain insights from a diverse range of institutions across 52 countries, providing a broad understanding of recruitment practices worldwide.
  • Benefit from practical takeaways and recommendations to enhance your recruitment efforts and connect authentically with prospective students.

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