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Understanding the Gen Z Journey to Higher Education: A Free Data Guide

Don’t leave student engagement to chance. Learn the strategies and tools that can turn “maybe” into “yes, I’m attending!”

Unibuddy Gen Z report with flying books graphics

Who Should Download the Data Guide?

  • Admissions Professionals
  • University Administration Staff
  • Higher Education Marketing Specialists
  • Student Ambassadors

Sneak Peek at the Survey Results

👉 Key Insights on Summer Melt

Find out what makes students back out after enrollment and what can be done to avoid it.

👉 The Importance of Human Connections

Discover why 51% of students believe connecting with future fellow students could alleviate their concerns about college life.

👉 The Power of Current Students in Admissions

Learn why 85% of admission professionals believe that student-to-student interaction is pivotal in prospective student engagement.

👉 Meet Unibuddy: The Platform Revolutionizing Student Interactions

Explore how Unibuddy is helping over one million students make informed choices about their higher education.

👉 The Generation Z Mindset

Understand how emotional connection and authenticity are critical in appealing to this new generation of students.

👉 Most Common Student Fears

Learn about the concerns that haunt students the most— from making friends to financial worries— and how to address them effectively.

👉 Navigating Competition in Higher Education

Grasp the challenges posed by alternatives like boot camps and micro-credentials, and find out how to rise above the noise.