Unibuddy and Studyportals Explore New Frontiers for Student Recruitment in Diversification Report

Unibuddy and Studyportals Explore New Frontiers for Student Recruitment in Diversification Report

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A new report from Studyportals and Unibuddy identifies 17 new appealing recruitment markets for universities to help them diversify their student bodies.


New York — February 23, 2022  Studyportals and Unibuddy released a report focused on diversifying source countries for international student recruitment. It provides insights into the behavior and aspirations of students in 17 countries identified based on increasing numbers of prospective students and high demand. For these 17 countries, the report identifies the most sought-after destinations for study abroad, dominant subject areas, key demographic and economic factors, and student concerns across seven categories—from money to admissions.


Multiple governments, universities, and consultants have flagged the underlying financial risk of a lack of diversification for universities. Global study destinations face growing uncertainties exacerbated by the pandemic: border closures, disruptions to international travel, currency fluctuations, diplomatic rows, and government interventions all make internationalization a balancing act.


Edwin van Rest, Studyportals CEO says, “A diverse classroom mitigates risk, but more importantly, it drives education quality and prepares students for a global world. Diversification is a cornerstone of international higher education, so being informed of the latest trends in student interest across the world gives universities an advantage.” 


Geographical diversification is interrelated with other aspects of diversification.The report details student interests in specific disciplines and subjects across different levels and formats. It explores the ways that universities can use these insights to inform recruitment strategies—ultimately to expand into emerging markets and build their reputations as global institutions.


Diego Fanara, Unibuddy CEO says, “A university’s best-fit students don’t only exist in the regions they most frequently recruit from—they’re everywhere. When institutions prioritize diversification in their recruitment efforts, they build stronger, more talented communities.”



About Studyportals: 


We are the most comprehensive study choice platform featuring 185,000+ English-taught programmes from 3,450+ institutions and attracting 52 million visitors per year from around the world.


Our mission is to make the world understand the power of learning, and we do this by making education choices transparent and accessible to students worldwide. With our platform, we enable students to search for programmes and connect with the right universities. We are dreamers, doers, and former international students ourselves, who have come together from around the world, determined to make one dream happen: to empower the world to choose education.


About Unibuddy:


Unibuddy offers smarter student recruitment to higher education institutions through the facilitation of peer-to-peer interactions. Our suite of products enables prospective students to virtually connect with student ambassadors and staff through one-on-one chat, communities, live events, and more. 


We keep students at the heart of all we do because human connection is the key to generating a sense of belonging. Partnering with 500+ global institutions, Unibuddy has helped more than one million students feel supported in making crucial decisions around their higher education experience.


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