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November 2023

Unibuddy Updates - Product Release Notes

New functionality for Unibuddy Chat

convo summary
Update 01

Integrate AI-powered conversation summaries with CRMs

What: For Premium Plus users, Unibuddy will generate 100-word summaries of student conversations to support a unified student profile. Why: This enhancement allows higher ed teams to better understand what’s top of mind for students at an individual level, quickly and efficiently. How: These summaries will automatically sync with admins CRM systems on a bi-weekly basis.

New functionality for Unibuddy Community

community insights
Update 01

Community enrollment insights now available

What: Admins can now easily measure the impact of Unibuddy Community against enrollment insights. Why: Higher ed teams will be able to demonstrate the impact community building is having on enrollment efforts to colleagues and stakeholders. How: Simply upload enrolled student data into the ‘Analytics’ tab and Unibuddy will generate insights to see what percent of Community users went on to enroll.

community insights
Update 02

Student nationality analytics now available for Unibuddy Community

What: Admins will get insights into the nationalities that make up their higher ed communities. Why: Higher ed international teams can identify their sources of diversity and better understand how engaged students are from different countries. How: Unibuddy Community analytics will generate a report highlighting the top 20 countries students are coming from.