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September 2023

Unibuddy Updates - Product Release Notes

New functionality for Unibuddy Chat

level of degree
Update 01

Higher ed teams can now customize degree field options

What: For all institutional partners, Unibuddy has made the degree field customizable based on the programs and degrees you offer. Why: We know every higher ed institution is different and has a different set of offerings for students. How: Default values can now be renamed based on the need and programs/curricula you offer. The options available in the prospective student sign-up form will now be the same as that of student ambassadors. Popcard traffic drivers will also be embedded with the customized degree levels.

Confidence score
Update 02

Unibuddy now helps collect students’ confidence scores

What: Just like with Unibuddy Community, Unibuddy Chat now helps you collect confidence scores from prospective students to gauge how they feel about attending your institution. Why: Confidence scores, along with other proactive polling questions offered in Unibuddy, allow higher ed teams to better know their students and guide them along their higher ed journey. How: Available in both desktop and mobile apps. In addition to asking for a confidence score, students are also asked what resources or information they may need to feel more confident.

ai prompts
Update 03

AI-generated content prompts now available

What: Higher ed teams will now receive bi-weekly prompts generated using AI-powered GPT, shareable with ambassadors. Why: Teams using Unibuddy can now more easily share the conversation insights they’re receiving by translating them into powerful content ideas for student ambassadors. How: Admins can copy and share prompts with ambassadors using a broadcast mechanism. If they’d like to see more options, admins use the new tool to generate additional ideas.

New functionality for Unibuddy Community

group filters
Update 01

New group filters and tile design in Unibuddy Community

What: All Unibuddy Community users can now more easily find groups to join using new filters in the Explore page. We’ve also refreshed the design of the list for a modern look. Why: This makes it even easier for students to engage with their peers in Unibuddy Community, across areas of study, interests, nationality, or other aspects of campus life. How: These new filters reflect new tags in the admin dashboard. Unibuddy has automatically migrated any old tags to their new setting without any additional effort or action required.

email invite
Update 02

Unibuddy Community email invite reminders now available

What: When an admin invites a student to Unibuddy Community via their email address, the student will now receive a series of emails reminding them to sign up. Why: This enhancement helps admins get more students into their Community group so that they can maximize reach and conversion. How: Reminder emails are set in series of three - with the first email sent two days after initial invite, the second four days later, and the final email sent after another four days.

convo summary
Update 03

AI-powered conversation summaries now available in Unibuddy Community

What: Unibuddy Community admins will now be able to more easily understand what students are most concerned about through AI-generated conversation summaries. Why: A summarized view of what’s top of mind for your students helps you meet their needs more efficiently and ultimately enroll them. How: Conversation summaries will be sent out automatically to higher ed teams via email on a weekly basis. Admins will see what their students were most concerned about, in digestible bullet-point format.